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Our Brands

Witox, full range and high quality tooling.

Witox was founded in 1924 and is one of the first companies in Italy to produce woodworking tools. Technical know-how has increased over time and has allowed Witox to become a reference in all world markets.

Production has included a complete range of tools, from circular saw blades to router bits of all kinds, drill bits to planer knives in different grades of steel, Witox has always pursued high quality.

In 1996 Witox became part of a main German industrial group. This step further enhanced production and technological know-how.

Witox is today capable of supplying a range of professional tooling for wood and wood derivatives, aluminum, and plastics. High-Tech German technology is a guarantee of safety, reliability, and constant quality. During production, tools undergo strict quality, tolerance, and performance tests. Special attention is given to safety according to specific German Regulations (BG Test).

Witox with its new, complete range of products, user-friendly E-Shop, and professional staff is the ideal partner in the tooling business today and for years to come.


Circular Saw Blades:
Universal > Lengthwise Cutting > Crosswise Cutting > for Multi rip Saw Machines > for sizing machine to engrave > for portable machines > for metals and alloies to square > low noise.

Diamond Tools:
> Diamond bits > Diamond Sawblades.

Drill Bits:
> Slot mortise bits > Boring machine bits > Bits for hinges > Router machine bits > Carving machine bits > looks and drawers bits > mechanical fixing bits > chucks and accessories.

> Profiling > Multiprofiles > Bevelling > Grooving > Rebeating finger > Jointing > Cutterhead > Spare knives.