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Our Products

These are extensively used in industries, factories, houses, and require low maintenance. 

Reliable and strong this crimping machine. ITACA is easy to use and versatile.

Benda Max bending machine can roll angle bar the hard way or easy way and even roll oval tubes.

It  equipped with magnetic starter with overload and under-voltage protection with key tightening 

Our Products

Air Dryer

Atlacoop Crimping Machine

Bendamax- Bending Machine

Bit Mortising Machine

23-spindle single-head drilling machine, suitable for all carpentry needs, & drilling operations.

Boring System

The device includes a telescopic fence tilted towards the operator with 2 crosscuts flip-over stops.

Casadei Saw Machine

A perfect cut result is guaranteed by the saw unit constituted by a mighty, cast-iron structure.

Circular Saw Elite With Tiling Blade

STARTECH CN V is the new CNC drilling machine with a fixed worktable and mobile workpiece.

CNC Drilling Machine

It is used for cutting needs  & its saws are the power tools that are used to cut hard materials.

Cutting Off Machine

It is applicable for the forming of end faces, step surfaces, and face grooves of various profiles.

End Milling Machine

It is primarily used for cutting aluminum alloy curtain walls and window profiles.

Single Head Cutting Off Machine

Machine with a fixed unit on the left and automatic right head movable by numeric control

Double Head Cutting Off Machine 

It is often heavy-duty industrial machines used for roughing out large components,

Horizontal Boring Machine

Woodturning lathe for D.I.Y. woodworkers and craftsmen workshops fast, easy-to-use, reliable.

Woodturning Lathe 

It is used for cutting sliding tools and it has a sliding table saw.

Leadertech Machine

It is used for making cut-outs of any shape in hollow sections and extrusions.

Aluminium Copy Router Thomas Machine

It is suitable for panel handling for all woodworking shops and carpentries.

Maggi Feeder Machine

Excellent stability and high precision without vibrations, with the heavy-duty structure. 

Double Gooseneck Narrow Belt  Sander Minimax

Power tools are used in industry, in construction, for purposes of drilling, cutting, shaping, etc.

Power Tools

A woodworking machine that's designed to cut and shape wooden workpieces.

Arm Saw

 4 side moulders have all the very latest technologies for increased productivity. 

4+1 Side Head Moulder Machine 

Easy-to-use, productivity, and efficiency, flexibility. Set up precision and reliability. 

Spindle Molder TI 105 Nova

Automatic horizontal beam saw is powerful and reliable and the dimensional precision of the finished product is impeccable. 

Casadei Busellato

Perform every horizontal and vertical cutting with adjustable feeding speed by the inverter from 10 to 24 mts/1’.

Vertical Panel Saw

CNC Boring


Active-Drill Machine

HSD Spindle

Edge Banding


Air Compressor

TMS 400

TMS 450G




Copy Router Machine-GIOTTO

TMS 33 Minor

Copy Router Machine-MASTER

Belt Driven Compressor

FIAC Air Dryer

A CNC boring machine is a machine tool that drills holes in either horizontal or vertical direction.

Edge Banding Machines offer perfect edges for discerning wood manufacturers of all sizes. 

An air compressor is a pneumatic device that converts power (using an electric motor, diesel or gasoline engine, etc.) into potential energy stored in pressurized air (i.e., compressed air).

The machine is designed with a simple approach that means easy maintenance to preserve the machine in top condition but also reilability and simplicity in the use.

TMS 450 G cuts any ferrous material including aluminum, copper, brass, acrylic, composites and PVC.

Mepal Single head cutting off machine with automatic/manual raising blade. Possibility to perform trimming operations

Single head cutting off machine for aluminium with pneumatic downward movement of the blade.

Single head cutting off machine 90° cut with automatic raising up of the blade for mass production,
blade’s feeding adjustable.

We offer machines that are designed with utmost sincerity and are quality assured.

Offering an excellent range cut off machines for aluminium profile cut off and PVC, bending machine and copy router for aluminium.

Manual single head copy router with pneumatic clamps and lubrification, with manual tracer points.

Many experts believe a belt drive compressor is better because a properly lubricated belt system will run in a more smooth manner, which can be both efficient and quiet.

The duty of an air dryer is to remove any moisture and contaminants out of the air by lowering the temperature which causes the moisture in the air to condense and form droplets.

Machine 1

The device includes a telescopic fence tilted towards the operator with 2 crosscuts flip-over stops.


The device includes a telescopic fence tilted towards the operator with 2 crosscuts flip-over stops.