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Machines> Automatic Panel Saws With Clamps & Numerical Control

Automatic Panel Saws With Clamps & Numerical Control

AXO 300 - Casadei Busellato / SCM Group

Standard Equipment:

Machine Frame

  • Sturdy machine frame in tubular steel
  • Rear part made in extruded aluminum, with wheels made of anti-scratch material and a 400 mm wide full table with a phenolic covering, positioned on the cross-cutting fence side.
  • Heavy plate steel table with double tubular structure in ribbed steel and with phenolic covering.
  • Safety protections around the machine

Saw carriage

 Steel saw carriage including:  

  • Independent motors for the main blade and for the scoring blade
  • Vertical rise & fall over prismatic guides and ball-runner blocks
  • Saw carriage slides over two steel tempered and rectified cylindrical guides protected by special dust scrapers
  •  Saw carriage feed  by rack and pinion
  • Saw blade and scoring blade flanges with pneumatic locking
  • Perfect cutting finish guaranteed by mass balancing
  • Hardened and rectified prismatic steel wheels
  • Scoring unit axial and vertical micrometric adjustment from outside
  • Saw carriage stroke against the cross-cutting fence
  • A cross-cutting fence placed on the left side
  • Slotted pressure beam. The panels are always gripped up to the last cut.
  • Vertical pneumatic movement with a precision rack & pinion system,  adjustable pressure 1,5 – 6 bar
  • Double dust collection system: top dust collection system on the   pressure beam to keep worktable clean and lower dust collection system  on the saw carriage
  •  Overhead control panel on the left side


Control and programming system PC/PLC “PC CONTROL 1000”   including:


  •  PC Office with the following configuration:
  •  LCD color monitor 17”
  •  Querty keyboard
  •  Possibility of installing any network card
  • Windows XP
  • Software WinNCC 12


Working Modes


  • Manual mode for axis movements
  • Automatic mode: execution of cutting programs and/or lists of cutting programs
  • Semi-automatic mode: execution of 4 different measures programmable from the keyboard
  • Possibility of switching from automatic to semi-automatic mode during cutting program execution (to carry out a few cuts) and return to automatic mode (continuing the cutting program at the  same point it was interrupted)
  • Multitasking capability: it is possible to write a cutting program and use all the control functions while the machine is working.


Programming Modes


  • Graphic display of the programmed cutting patterns
  • 5 different cut levels: pre-cut X/Y/U/V
  • Maximum number of lines per program: 100    
  • Maximum number of lines per list: 100
  • Maximum number of cut programs and cut lists (about 80% of the hard  drive available free space)
  • Label editor associated to each cut program



Production reports


  • Indication of daily production on the hard drive, including:

         - Work start and end time
         - Number, Surface dimensions, and volume of

           processed material

Synoptic mode


  • Messages for the operator about the parts to manipulate (during machining)
  • Graphic display, during machining, of the cutting pattern with indications of the cuts made
  • Graphic display, during machining, of the current line and cutting list


Files format

  • Perfect Optimiser files


Alarms and diagnostics


  • Self-diagnostics and indication of errors or  malfunctioning   through warning messages
  • Input/output debugger
  • Tips on recommended action (possibility of customizing each warning with additional notes)


Measuring unit


  • Measuring unit: millimeters-tenths or inches-thousandths


Available languages

  • Operator’s interface available in the following languages:

          Italian, English, French, Spanish, German


N.B.     The description of the control system includes certain functions that are present only with a suitable machine mechanical or electrical setup.  As a result, the label data editor in each program is present only with the relative optional devices, shown in the price list, selected on the machine.


Cut I –       Optimization software integrated into the PC CONTROL system. It includes help for the operator when creating optimized cutting diagrams and for machine programming.



  • Operator interface available in 5 languages:
  • Italian, French, English, Spanish, German
  • No. 30 lines per program
  • Max. no. of pieces per line: 300
  • No. 3 cutting levels (x y u)


TELESERVICE system service via the internet
The remote diagnosis system allows you to connect your PC with the service center via the Internet.

Software: linking program for:


  • Upgrade the machine logic and operator interface
  • Back-up data and file transfer
  • Control configurations, parameters, and programs
  • Interface and display diagnostic signals

N.B. Network cable and PC not included. The Internet connection must be prepared by the customer.

Side aligner

  • Single side aligner with automatic positioning, with pneumatic   cylinder 1200 mm stroke
  • Minimum width: 60 mm
  • Maximum width: 1200 mm
  • The side aligner slides over a THK prismatic guide and ball runner blocks


  • Full length powered pusher with the central drive system and two heavy-duty torsion bars.
  • Electronically adjustable pusher positioning by means of a magnetic strip (contactless system) 
  • The pusher travels over two sturdy “H” beams.
  • Pusher feed is achieved by two high-precision pinions to ensure that the pusher and the cutting line are always perfectly parallel over the full stroke of the pusher. The pusher is driven by the brushless motor to offer constant torque at any speed, step-less speed adjustment up to 0, and high performance without the need for maintenance. 
  • 5 clamps for panels clamping
  • Adjustable locking pressure of the clamps 
  • Pair of saw blades

Electrical Equipment

 Electrical system with high safety features, complete with:

  • Dust-proof cabinet (IP 55)
  • Padlockable main switch
  • Control voltage 110 Volts for the control board, electronic control, and low   voltage signals
  • Overload switches for the motors
  • Saw blade access door electrically interlocked by safety micro-switch
  • Rotating front safety guards to cover cutting area.
  • Emergency safety bar on the entire cut line
Technical data:

Worktable height from the floor

950 mm

Ripping capacity

  •  AXO 300/32    

3.200 mm

Useful pusher stroke

  •   AXO 300/32 

2.100 mm

Blade projection

90 mm

Main blade max. diameter

380 mm

Scoring blade diameter

200 mm

Main blade shaft diameter

80 mm

Scoring shaft diameter

55 mm

Main blade rotation speed 50 Hz

3900 rpm

Scoring blade rotation speed 50 Hz

6300 rpm

Saw carriage feed speed

6 ÷ 60 m/min

Maximum pusher speed

60 m/min*

Main blade motor power 50 Hz (S6-40%)

9 kW (12 HP)

Scoring blade motor power 50 Hz (S6-40%)

1,8 kW (2,5 HP)

Standard clamps
Max. number of clamps for version 32


INSTALLATION (approximate values) 

Installed power

12 ÷ 21

Voltage standard machine

Euro tension (400 V/50 Hz)

Compressed air consumption 

300 NL/min

Required pressure standard machine 

7 bar

Extracted air

4060 m3/h

Air extraction speed

20 m/sec

Dust outlets with diameter

No. 3    120 mm
No. 1    150 mm

N.B.*  For safety reasons the pusher feed speed is limited to 25 m/min.
N.B. Above technical details concern standard equipment and can change depending on the options chosen

Machines Dimensions:





3200 X 2100






Security Execution



AXO 300/32


Ripping capacity 3200 mm
Pusher stroke 2100 mm 5 clamps
Single roller side aligner stroke 1200 m



Enter your text here


Volt 400 EU



Frequency 50 Hz



Air conditioning system for the electrical cabinet



Front fixed air floatation table 2500x600 mm complete with crosscutting fence


N.B.:    Blower code CA7251 compulsory


Front movable air floatation table 1500x600 mm

N. 2

N.B.:    Blower code CA7251 compulsory


Centralised blower for air floatation tables


N.B.:    Select once for all tables


Main motor power 15 kW (20 HP) 

Note: Automatic Star Delta starter code CA3257 compulsory
          Not available together with 2 speeds motor CA8231


Automatic Star Delta starter



Device for execution of grooves


Manual adjustment of main blade projection
Maximum blade projection
30 mm for versions with blade projection 87 mm
35 mm for versions with blade projection 107 mm


WINNCC software package


Label printing software


This software, installed on a machine computer, allows the creation of labels by means of a graphic editor. It is possible to print company logos (B/W bitmap format), description fields, and bar codes to identify panels and following machining processes.

3D simulator 


The software, integrated into the machine control software, allows displaying the cut cycle in 3 dimensions. On the machine PC monitor is shown all machine operations, panels to cut and panels already cut with the actual scaled-down dimensions and the exact position of the parts being handled.

Graphic editor 


Software integrated into the machine control software to assist
the operator in the creation of cutting programs.

Panel editor

This software, integrated into the machine control software, allows manual filling of the cutting pattern. It is possible to insert external files or information from the external database. It sets the trim cuts to carry out on the panel.




Note: Maximum number of grippers is:

  • 10 for version 32


17" Touch Screen display


Wood Blocks


Machine language: ENGLISH