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CNC Boring

Machine size



Min.size of machined panel



Max.size of machined panel


X2500(3200 opt),Y 900,Z 70

Vector speed


X 25, Y 50,Z 25

Weighted sound pressure level A (LpA) during machining at the operator's workstation on the vane-pump machine Lpa=79dB(A) Lwa=96dB(A) Weighted sound-pressure level A (LpA) at the operator'sworkstation and sound power level (LwA) during machining on the cam-pump machine Lwa=83d-B(A) Lwa=100dB(A) Measurement uncertainty KdB(A) 4.

The measurement was carried out in compliance with UNI EN 848-3:2007, UNI EN ISO 3746: 2009 (sound
power) and UNI EN ISO 11202: 2009 (sound pressure levels at workstation) during panel machining. The
noise levels shown are emission levels and do not necessarily correspond to safe operation levels. Despite
the fact that there is a relationship between emission and exposure levels, this may not be used in a reliable
manner to establish whether further measures need to be taken. The factors determining the exposure level
for the workforce include length of exposure, work environment characteristics, other sources of dust and
noise, etc. i.e. the number of other adjoining machines and processes. At any rate, the above information
will enable the operator to better evaluate dangers and risks.