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A global company firmly rooted in Sweden Ekamant is one of the world-leading producers of coated abrasives for the wood industry.

In order to manage the increasing demand for our products and to improve G3 di Fantacci Giancarlo customer service.

Since 1965 Garniga S.r.l. is a woodworking industry partner. Garniga S.r.l. design and produce absolute precision tooling, for the woodworking industry.

Since 1969, IMS manufactures Tool Holders for CNC working machines for marble and stones, wood, aluminum and plastic, metal, and glass.

We´ve been producing mortise chains for all standard, carpenters and special mortising machines on a very high-quality level.

Sistemi Srl, a company backed by over 30 years of experience in the woodworking, aluminum-working, and plastics tool manufacturing industry.

Since 1976 we have been planning and producing woodworking tools, brazed cutters, heads with mechanical and diamond fixing.

STARK Spa, established in 1962 is a major manufacturer of woodworking tools and a world leader in the metal cutting field.

Witox was founded in 1924 and is one of the first companies in Italy to produce woodworking tools. Technical know-how has increased over time.

Our Brands