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Quality Woodworking tools and cutting tools have been a standard for us since 1998.


Custom Tooling Solutions for all your tooling needs At Al-Aqsa Wood Working Tools we specialize in custom tooling without restrictions on metric sizes. We welcome the opportunity to quote both standard and custom manufactured woodworking tools.

At Al-Aqsa Wood Working Tools we will make sure that you are satisfied with your order. We back all our woodworking tools and products with the guarantee of quality, durability, and precision that has been a standard for us for 13 years.

Al-Aqsa Wood Working Tools takes pride in our ability to meet and exceed your expectations of the performance of your cutting and woodworking tools.

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Al-Aqsa Wood Working Tools focused its activity on woodworking tools with a fully trained team to deliver customer satisfaction. Al-Aqsa Wood Working Tools is the sole agent of WITOX Woodworking Tools and aluminum in the UAE and other regional countries.

Representing GARNIGA as the Italian Leader in the cutting molding tools enabled us to apply their continuous technology search to identify the trend in the woodworking industry in a way to be always able to anticipate the market request with a new and innovative solution a carpenter need.

WITOX is recognized ad the Italian Member of the Leitz Group, we supply a full range of professional tools for processing wood and derivates. Saw Blade wood & Aluminum, Router Cutters, CNC Tools. etc.

EKAMANT is the large Germany Leading Company in the sanding of several operations determining the quality of your product. Wide Belts, Narrow Belts, Rolls, Sheets, and Sponges.

KEIL as Germany Leading in the producing Mortise Chains for all standards, Carpenters and special Mortising Machines on very high quality, and producing Band Saw Blades of all size.

About Us