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4+1 Side Head Moulder Machine End Milling Machine

4+1 Side Head Moulder Machine 

Machine Specification:

MOD. G240/5U 


Origin :ITALY

Max. working section 

240 x 160 mm 

Min. working section

20 x 8 mm 

Min. length of the piece one after the other

250 mm

Min. length of the single piece

700 mm

Max. planing capacity 

10 mm

Infeed table length 

2000 mm

Spindles diam. 

40 mm 

2nd shaft horizontal movement 

45 mm

Shaving cutter sizes

145 x 12 mm 

1st shaft tools min./max 

110 x 145 mm 

2nd shaft tools min./max 

125 x 200 mm 

3rd-4th-5th-6th shaft tools min./max 

110 x 200 mm 

Universal shaft tool max

180 mm 

Movement of the tools under the table for 2nd-3rd shaft 

40 mm 

Moulding max depth of 4th thickness shaft 

45 mm 

4th shaft transverse movement

40 mm 

Spindles rotation speed 

6000 g/1’ / t/1’ / r/1’ 

Driving speed with variator 

inverter         6 - 30 m/1’ 

Driving roller 

140 mm

Suction hoods 

150 mm 


1st-2nd-3rdspindle motorpower/7,5 (kw 5,5)4th spindlemotor power/10 (kw 7,5)

Universal spindle at 360° 

7,5 (kw 5,5) hp 

Feeding motor power 

4 (kw 3) hp 

Transverse lifting motor power 

1.5 hp 

The machines are equipped with:

  • 4th upper shaft with separate vertical and horizontal adjustment of the feed cross beam
  • Feed with universal joints
  • Adjustment of all spindles positioned on the front of the machine  Chrome tables.
  • Electronic speed variator with the inverter.
  • Infeed table 2000 mm
  • Spindles with separate motors 
  • Feed device for short pieces with the on-off pneumatic exclusion 
  • 1 roller on the pre-planer   
  • with 2 motorized rollers on the table 
  • The electronic display of driving unit transverse positioning   
  • Automatic lifting of the transverse of the feed unit
  • Sectioned pneumatic clamp positioned on the infeed side of the thickness units
  • Horizontal pneumatic double clamps positioned on the front side of the 2nd shaft (right spindle moulder shaft)
  • No. 1 lubrication pump for working table  
  • No. 1 central lubrication pump for the sliding guides  
  • Soundproof protection hood  
  • Automatic star-delta start  
  • CE’s standards.